Tour Description

Visit the Crypts, the Catacombs and other famous subterranean levels asyou uncover the secrets of the Eternal City on this fabulous and mysterious 3-hour walking tour. Go below modern day Rome to see Ancient cemeteries, churches, lost temples and caves. Some of the highlights being the Capuchins’ Crypt, the Basilica of St. Clements and a famous Roman Catacomb.

After meeting your guide in Piazza Barberini, you will be guided through the underground world of the city on a private, informative and impressive 3-hour tour. First stop is the Church of Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini to see its famous Capuchin Crypt. Here you will explore the Christian Museum and the five chambers containing the skeletal remains of nearly 4,000 monks. Make your way to St. Clements Basilica and explore its three fascinating levels, one underneath the other as you discover it’s many intact remains.

Last but not least is a visit to the Roman catacombs, the vast underground cemeteries that occupy a large number of subterranean passageways, like labyrinths. Lined with unique, handmade memorials, they are a treasure trove of early Christian murals and sculptures.

This is a side to Rome you don’t normally see, beneath the surface where archaeologists have excavated and have discovered a whole other world. Your tour will end in the city center of Rome.