The 6 hour tour will fly by and you won't hear your children moaning that it's boring or that they're tired – they will be fascinated by the stories that your private guide will tell them and excited about the thousands of things to discover behind every corner. You too will definitely enjoy the tour, learn a lot, and have an amazing time with the whole family.

The tour starts at Gaudi's Sagrada Familia, the most popular unfinished basilica, included in the UNESCO world Heritage List and a unique sight! Then you continue with another of Gaudi's works: Casa Milà, or as the locals call it, La Pedrera. This house is one of the most enchanting in the world and surely you and your kids will be astonished visiting the inside and the particular rooftop, with all the skylights, staircase exits, fans and chimneys in different forms. Then you reach the Passeig de Gracia, where you can enjoy the panoramic and colourful views of Casa Batllò and the Block of Discord from the outside.

While you enjoy all these masterpieces by Gaudi, the tour guide will teach you and your kids about the rivalry between Anton Gaudi, Domènech i Montaner and Joseph Puig i Cadfaich, three contemporary Catalan architects and you can discover some of their unique works too. After a lunch break your family will step back in time, from Modernism to Medieval, as the tour continues to the Gothic District.

This area is full of legends about the aristocratic families of Barcelona and your kids won't miss a word of the stories your guide will tell them. However, as the Gothic district is partially located on the site of Roman ruins, you can also see some of the remains of Barcelona's Roman past. Don't miss the chance to visit the most important places in the city led by a kid-friendly guide capable of keeping your children engaged and letting you all learn a lot about the history and the art of this beautiful city!

Why Choose Us?

Our specialized kids-friendly guide will use ipad, visual techniques, games, photo contexts, treasure hunts and other playful activitibes to engage both children and parents

You need weeks to see every corner of Barcelona in details. Our guide will choose the most famous and significant sites and customize the tour on your wishes and priorities if you wish

For this private tour you will spend per person approximately the same amount of money you would spend for a crowded group tour. Our online staff is always ready to assist you in anything you need from planning your trip to last minute requests

  • Available:

    Everyday from opening of excavations to closing time

  • Skip-the-line access:

    Our local licensed guides will guarantee you to skip the long entrance lines

  • Duration:

    7 hours, but you can request a longer or shorter tour

  • All-inclusive Price (entrance fees included):

    Our tours are hassle free for you. We think about everything including entrance fees. Price of course depends on the seanon and amount of people in yoru family. Contact us for a quick quote