Take the family on this marvellous tour of Naples that has been designed specifically with children in mind. In the company of an English-speaking, very knowledgeable guide your children will take part in an interactive learning experience created to be both educational and fun. All of the family can enjoy the beauty and sunshine of Naples whilst at the same time learning about the folklore, traditions, art and classic cuisine of one of Italy’s most interesting cities

Anyone who has been sightseeing with children dreads the long queues. Children are bored waiting to see places and artefacts they don’t understand anything about. Well….this tour is different. It focuses on the children and with privileged, reserved admission to historic sites there is no waiting in line. The guide uses an array of interactive learning tools; pop-up books, iPad games and trivia all specifically designed to explore areas that will stimulate your child’s curiosity.

According to tradition the Greco-Roman roots of Naples go back to the islet of Megaride and the Greek city of Parthenope. The guide will regale the children with tales of Virgil, a magical egg and an enchanted castle. They will visit the oldest opera house in Europe, the famous Teatro di San Carlo. They will walk around the largest square in Naples, the impressive Piazza del Plebescito that houses the majestic Royal Palace and the Church of San Francesco di Paolo.

The guide will tell them stories about the royal families of Naples who lived in the palace and also teach them a little about Neapolitan art, architecture, politics and religion through the ages.

The subjects will be brought to life by the guide and his partner the clever puppet Pulcinella. Always a great favourite of the children, Pulcinella will join then in the interactive learning experience, discovering with them the history of Naples, the delights of the numerous quant shops and marvelling at the magnificent sights.

We realized too late that one day in Naples was not enough. Anyway, the tour with Maria was fantastic and our kids loved it! Susan P. London, UK

This tour is rich in art, culture and history. It is designed to be a fun and engaging learning experience for the children and is a true feast for the senses as they discover new colours, sights and sounds. It is a great opportunity for them to experience something new and exciting and we are sure they will have wonderful memories to take home – this is certainly an experience not to be missed.

There are a variety of restaurants on the tour route so when you get hungry there is the opportunity to sit down and discover the delights of traditional Neapolitan cuisine.

On the tour children must be accompanied at all times by an adult. This tour is extremely popular so remember to book well in advance so that you are not disappointed. Come and join Pulcinella on this unforgettable tour of the ancient and unique city of Naples to see its wonderful treasures and meet some of its people.

Why Choose Us?

Our specialized kids-freindly guide will use ipad, visual techniques, games, photo contexts, treasure hunts and other playful activitibes to engage both children and parents

You need weeks to see every corner of Pompeii in details. Our guide will choose the most famous and significant sites and customize the tour on your wishes and priorities if you wish

For this private tour you will spend per person approximately the same amount of money you would spend for a crowded group tour. Our online staff is always ready to assist you in anything you need from planning your trip to last minute requests

  • Available:

    Everyday from opening of excavations to closing time

  • Skip-the-line access:

    Our local licensed guides will guarantee you to skip the long entrance lines

  • Duration:

    2.5 hours, but you can request a longer or shorter tour

  • All-inclusive Price (entrance fees included):

    Our tours are hassle free for you. We think about everything including entrance fees. Price of course depends on the seanon and amount of people in yoru family. Contact us for a quick quote