A hands-on history lesson that’s fun for all!

If you will be vacationing in Rome, you won’t want to miss this refreshing child-centered Pompeii Tour for Kids. Imagine seeing some of the world’s most amazing sights with an English-speaking tour guide who knows how to make sightseeing fun and educational for children! Join us for a real hands-on exploration of the best-preserved city of the ancient Roman Empire.

Mt. Vesuvius erupted in the year 79 A.D., and the entire city of Pompeii was buried in ash and lava. The city lay untouched beneath the debris until the 18th Century, when excavation began. Today, the site is a living history museum and World Heritage Site that your family can visit and explore.

Sightseeing can be overwhelming for children when it involves waiting in boring lines to see places and artifacts they don’t understand. With our tours, your children are the center of activity. With privileged, reserved admission to historic sites, there’s no boredom and fidgeting in long lines. Interactive visual learning tools, pop-up books, iPad games and trivia are tailored to delve into areas that will pique the curiosity of children.

We spent a fabolous afternoon with Mary in Pompeii with our three chikdren. She made ruins alive with her ipad and tricks. Very nice experience with our family. Elizabeth H., Newton, USA

Walk cobbled streets. Peek into restaurants. Visit homes with art-covered walls and furnishings. See temples and thermal baths. Immerse yourselves in the culture and traditions of an ancient people as you learn about early Roman civilization. Drink from original fountains, climb steps to an elaborate theater, and imagine living in this remarkable community.

Our customized tours engage children in effortless learning. Each tour is rich in art, culture and history. Your child will enjoy a feast for the senses as he takes in new colors, sights and sounds. Diversity is the spice of life, and your child will gain real world experience that will benefit him in school and in life. When you’ve worked up an appetite, you’ll find restaurants near our tour destination for comfortable dining.

Take advantage of the unique Pompeii Tour for Kids and watch history come to life! Parents must accompany children at all times.

Why Choose Us?

Our specialized kids-freindly guide will use ipad, visual techniques, games, photo contexts, treasure hunts and other playful activitibes to engage both children and parents

You need weeks to see every corner of Pompeii in details. Our guide will choose the most famous and significant sites and customize the tour on your wishes and priorities if you wish

For this private tour you will spend per person approximately the same amount of money you would spend for a crowded group tour. Our online staff is always ready to assist you in anything you need from planning your trip to last minute requests

  • Available:

    Everyday from opening of excavations to closing time

  • Skip-the-line access:

    Our local licensed guides will guarantee you to skip the long entrance lines

  • Duration:

    2.5 hours, but you can request a longer or shorter tour

  • All-inclusive Price (entrance fees included):

    Our tours are hassle free for you. We think about everything including entrance fees. Price of course depends on the seanon and amount of people in yoru family. Contact us for a quick quote