Montmartre is one of the most enchanting, fascinating and particular neighbourhoods of Paris! During this 2-hour walking tour your top-rated, kid-friendly guide will show you the best known places together with the narrow streets and tell you the most interesting facts about the past and present of the “artists' district”.

Your kids will have fun playing with him, doing the prepared activities, answer his questions and won't get enough of it. The highlights of this tour include the Sacre Coeur church, the Passer through walls, the I love you wall, Place du Tertre, Amelie grocery store, Moulin Rouge and much more. You can only say you really know Paris, if you've been to Montmartre!

When you're coming to Paris – whether it's your first time or you've been here before – you definitely shouldn't miss this marvelous neighbourhood with it's symbolic Church, Sacre Coeur.

It's one of the oldest quarters of Paris, in the past a place of windmills and vineyards and full of cafes and places, where world famous artists like Picasso, Van Gogh and Renoir used to live, meet and work.

With your top-rated, kid-friendly guide not only will you learn a lot about this district, it's past and it's present, but also your kids will love to stroll the hill up and down, discovering an old original windmill, the “I love you” wall, the “Passer through walls”, some special street art and much more. They will be eager to listen to the guide, to answer his questions, to play along with him and will talk about the tour for a long time.

Of course you will explore the fantastic monument of Sacre Coeur, enjoy the fantastic view over Paris from the hill of Montmartre, find out less known facts about Place du Tertre, also known as “the artists' square”, Saint Denis Square and Moulin Rouge. You will hear about Picasso inventing Cubism right here and about the beginning of the modern art movement.

Accompanied by your expert guide, you will discover the old, picturesque and narrow streets, big boulevards, hundreds of cafés and squares, the big famous monuments and enjoy one of the most memorable and enchanting neighbourhoods of Paris!

Why Choose Us?

Our specialized kids-friendly guide will use ipad, visual techniques, games, photo contexts, treasure hunts and other playful activitibes to engage both children and parents

You need weeks to see every corner of Montmartre in details. Our guide will choose the most famous and significant sites and customize the tour on your wishes and priorities if you wish

For this private tour you will spend per person approximately the same amount of money you would spend for a crowded group tour. Our online staff is always ready to assist you in anything you need from planning your trip to last minute requests

  • Available:

    Everyday from opening of the museum to closing time

  • Skip-the-line access:

    Our local licensed guides will guarantee you to skip the long entrance lines

  • Duration:

    2.5 hours, but you can request a longer or shorter tour

  • All-inclusive Price (entrance fees included):

    Our tours are hassle free for you. We think about everything including entrance fees. Price of course depends on the seanon and amount of people in yoru family. Contact us for a quick quote